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Natural soft glowing look!

Hi everyone, today my makeup is actually going to be quite different from what I am used to but this time I wanted to post some different images, how to do a more natural soft glowing look for my model who may want to look more like herself because she has beautiful skin, an amazing face and I didn’t want to hide her natural features with a mask of products, I really wanted to enhance her natural beauty and I thought how perfect it would be, to do that without doing all those layers that I’m used to, I can do anything between natural and dramatic, but I really wanted to do more natural beauty. First I put mist on her face with Mac prep and prime spray, and started off with a few sprays. When her skin is a little more prepped I was able to put on her primer. The primer that I used for her is from Mac cosmetic, it’s for all type of skin. I put a couple of pumps onto the back of my hand and massaged it on her skin. I made sure that her skin was drinking up the entire product. I like to use my fingers so I can feel that the product is going on very evenly, and that her skin is accepting it nicely, meaning it’s actually being absorbed and not just sitting on top of her skin.

To be continued…….

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