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About Me


I’m Mariam and I can begin by saying make up artistry has always come naturally to me. When I work with my clients I almost put myself in their shoes and it almost becomes as if I'm doing my own make up. Why I love this profession? It’s a personal sort of art form specific to an individual. It goes deeper than just putting make up on a face.


The face it self is the most real expression of individuality and using my skills to be able to highlight features working toward the finished product is my passion. Make up as an art form gives me the opportunity to put life in to an individual and express their inner being and strength simply because the finished product brings out radiance in every one.


They say the eyes are the gate way to the soul, whether this is true or not, the eyes do express a lot of a person and are my favorite part of my work. I specialize in bridal, party, natural and dramatic looks and work with my clients to achieve exactly what they are looking for.

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